Fremdsprachenprüfungen an der VHS

Instead of having our usual weekly English lesson we booked a pug tour in Brandenburg, because we wanted to check our English skills. The English speaking guide Dr. Christian Heise told us a lot of funny and interesting facts about pugs and Loriot. Loriot (Vicco von Bülow) created the so called forest pugs and they were settled in the city of Brandenburg, Loriot`s birth town.

We started our tour in front of the tourist information centre and visited 15 different pugs. All of them need a lot of water which is why you can often find them near a waterfront. These pugs have to pay attention, because they are afraid of their enemy, the zander. The other pugs are very funny, curious, sporty or some are a little bit lazy and relaxed.

It was a good idea to spend our English lesson outside the classroom. We had a lot of fun and that`s why we would like to thank Dr. Christian Heise for this crazy and informative tour.

The Wednesday English class